PhD Students


One of the things I enjoy most about my work is the supervision of PhD students. So far I have graduated nine PhD students, and I’m currently supervising four students. (Picture: my PhD student Veronique Vermoesen and me at the public defense of her dissertation in 2016)

Prospective Ph.D. students

If you would consider having me as the supervisor of your PhD, please take into account that the number of PhD students I can supervise is limited. There are basically two different routes to have me as your supervisor:

  1. Sporadically, we have PhD scholarships available which provide funding for four years and allow students to make a PhD on a pre-specified research project. For such scholarships, a vacancy will announced by the university and the scholarship is awarded on a competitive basis.
  2. Alternatively, you may fund your PhD studies yourself (for example with a grant from the government of your country). In that case you may send me a research proposal of 5-10 pages as well as a detailed CV. As noted above, the number of students I can accept is (very) limited. I only accept students with a strong educational background and a promising research proposal which is feasible and which is likely to result in publications in good international academic journals (see my publications for the type of journals I have in mind). The research proposal must also fit with my current personal research interests: entrepreneurial / small business finance or financial history. If you would like to do research on any of these topics for a specific country, please first consider the question why people outside your country should be interested in your research. For example, if you would like to investigate the capital structure of firms in Vietnam, ask yourself the question: why would a researcher in the US or Belgium be interested in such a study?

Current Ph.D. students (all at the University of Antwerp)

  1. Kevin Van Mencxel, Bond returns: Long-run evidence.
  2. Eveline Pinxt, Immigrant entrepreneurship: financing and performance.
  3. Gertjan Verdickt, The predictability of returns and dividend growth rates: long-run evidence.
  4. Leentje Moortgat, Long-run evidence on dividend policy (a chapter of her dissertation has been published in the Journal of Banking and Finance).
  5. Lihong Cao, Tunneling and private investments in equity in China (a chapter of her dissertation has been published in the Journal of Corporate Finance).

Graduated Ph.D. students

  1. Jürgen Hanssens (Ghent University, co-supervisor), Essays on the financing of new firms: New evidence on stability and country effects, 4 July 2017 (a chapter of his dissertation was published in the Journal of Banking and Finance). Jürgen is now deal advisor at KPMG Belgium.
  2. Veronique Vermoesen (University of Antwerp), Corporate governance and corporate finance during crisis periods, 4 March 2016 (chapters of this dissertation were published in Small Business Economics and Explorations in Economic History). Veronique is now lecturer at the Artevelde Hogeschool Gent.
  3. Fabiola Montalto (University of Antwerp, joint PhD with University of Calabria), Ownership concentration: state of the art, role of moderators and owners’ identity. 13 February 2014.
  4. Andy Lardon (University of Antwerp), Essays on the relation between corporate governance and the suppliers of finance, 24 September 2013 (chapters of the dissertation were published in Small Business Economics, the Journal of Family Business Strategy and the Review of Quantitative Finance and Accounting). Andy now works as a financial economist at the Financial Services and Market Authority (FSMA), i.e. the Belgian supervisor of financial markets and services.
  5. Yan Du (University of Antwerp), Institutional influences on Management Control Systems and Subsidiary Boards in Multinational Corporations, July 6, 2011 (chapters of this dissertation were published in Corporate Governance – An International Review, the European Accounting Review and the Journal of International Management). Yan is now associate professor at the EDHEC management school (France).
  6. Mihaela Livia Ghita (University of Antwerp), ‘Business elites and corporate networks structures in 19th and 20th century Belgium’, May 13, 2011. Livia is currently Senior Market Planning Analyst – Strategy & Business Planning at Starbucks EMEA (The Netherlands).
  7. An Rommens (University of Antwerp), ‘Empirical studies on business groups in Belgium: interlocking directorates, dividend policy and profitability’, January 11, 2008 (chapters of this dissertation were published in Corporate Governance – An International Review and European Financial Management). An now works as a Business Proposition Manager for the city of Antwerp (Belgium).
  8. Wouter Van Overfelt (University of Antwerp), ‘An empirical assessment of financial reporting, corporate finance and corporate performance in Belgium during the first era of globalization’, January 7, 2008 (chapters of this dissertation were published in Explorations in Economic History, the Journal of Business Finance and Accounting and the European Accounting Review). Wouter is now Director at Bank Vontobel AG (Switzerland).
  9. Christof Beuselinck (Ghent University), ‘Essays on financial reporting quality, earnings management and corporate disclosure’, July 9, 2005 (co-supervisor) (chapters of this dissertation were published in the Journal of Business Finance and Accounting, the European Accounting Review and the International Journal of Accounting). Christof is now associate professor at the IESEG management school (France).